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Unlock your full potential and become an efficient music composer writing profitable trailer & license music!

We want to write in a creative mindset, but creatives are sometimes among the most self-critical.

In this little guide, I teach how to create beyond fear. How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your doubts.


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„Jörn is somebody I see as a mentor. He gives us his experience, his knowledge and as always, his reassurance to keep going. He is a composer I trust. Along with countless practical advice, you’ll find so much guidance and assurance to produce music more confidently. He lays out fundamentals from idea and structure to mixing in an easy to follow way. Simply the perfect courses online to boost my career, earn money and create with more inner peace. Recommended!“

– Eva Bloom

„I have spent many endless hours on youtube but nothing has helped me as quickly as these courses. Huge thanks to you JD!“

– Alex Kipp

„Taking one of JD’s courses has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I have never in my life felt this productive or focused as a musician.“

– Ewan Brown